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Vilma is a Morongo Valley, California, developing artist-run creative space for exhibitions, performances, and screenings. Vilma is cofounded by Yvonne Buchanan and Dorene Quinn. Opportunities for artist involvement are by invitation only

Current exhibition

Open Studio : A Collaborative exhibition over the first 3 weeks in October. Exhibition part of the 2019 HWY62 Art Tour

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Claudia Bucher / Dorene Quinn / Yvonne Buchanan

Past exhibitions

 (W)here / Rocks and Twigs opening Friday, March 15th 12-8pm / March 15th -17th, 2019 12-8pm / March 30th- June 1st by appointment

Yvonne Buchanan and Dorene Quinn will be presenting new works on paper, arising from the landscape and experience of the high desert.  Buchanan, whose primary medium is digital video has produced digital images of rocks that are eroded and abstracted by technology. Quinn will be presenting hand-made earth pigment sketches utilizing broken and scattered twigs that pose as indecipherable language on the desert floor.

Dorene Quinn / The Ground

This series of drawings are a distillation of the experience of walking in the desert environment and observing scattered twigs in the sand and on the ground. They came to suggest calligraphy, messages, fragments of indecipherable text, or the origins of a developing language. The works represent multiple moments adding to a diary of encounters.

Mixed media drawings: India ink and homemade earth and mineral oxide pigmented inks, heavyweight Bristol paper. 2019

Yvonne Buchanan / Gliiitch

Having grown up in New York City, my experience of nature was almost always mediated by technology; radio, television, film, video. This series of digital images of rocks, eroded and abstracted through technology, amplify and distort the nature of these simple mineral “objects”.

Photographic images, digitally altered using code and compression settings, archival pigment prints. 2019